Saturday, December 4, 2021

“I’m a bad person, and I need to die,” Sex predator confesses as police arrest him

When Jonathan Ohene Nkunim beckoned his wife for a parting hug, it was like a scene from a romantic movie.

She hesitated, as if was unsure whether to give in or pull away. Then she obliged.

He moved towards her; his arms outstretched. Hers were folded across her chest. And she leaned forward for a hug without maintaining eye contact with the tall man who held her tenderly and looked at her with affection.

It was a slow-moving act, filled with emotions.

Mr. Nkunim whispered words of encouragement. They appeared not to affect her mood. She was distraught. And justifiably so.

It was 7:30 a.m., and Mrs. Nkunim, who was nursing a three-month-old baby, was the subject of the prying eyes of half a dozen uninvited guests. They had intruded  her home and ruined the sanctity of her early morning privacy.

The guests, who had not given her a clue about their visit, said little. But their presence provided enough clues that her eight-year-old marriage might never be the same.

Even if she did not expect the unsolicited morning visit, she had, in the past 24 hours, anticipated disruption to her life and those of every member of her family.

The previous day, she had seen the trailer of an investigative documentary that was yet to be aired. The documentary was titled “The Unlicensed Sex Predator”. For the right or wrong reason, someone had forwarded the trailer to her.

The trailer quoted the villain in the investigative piece as boldly proclaiming, “If it were to be true, I should be in jail by now.”